Top of the Funnel Leads

Have you ever thought, your potential customers might not simply come to you if they are not aware of your brand? True, brand education can do wonders in the case of marketing. No matter, it’s online marketing or conventional marketing. The top of the funnel marketing creates brand awareness or educates prospective customers, to create a buzz about your offerings. At HMS, we effectively utilize the inbound marketing channels that lie at the top of the marketing funnel, to drive the campaigns. These campaigns are made up of marketing mix, that drives the content marketing. It includes email marketing, social media marketing, blog posts, paid advertising, free trials etc. The objective of these activities is to educate the customer about the brand, especially about the products and services. This ultimately engages the customer and develops into a prospective lead.

Why you should engage HMS for the top of the funnel marketing?

  • AI-enabled identification of target buyers: Our AI-enabled solution can identify your target customer based on their personas, and launch campaigns customized for identified buyer group.
  • Track the demands: Our analytical tools can track the demand for a product or service based on the first-party intent data and third-party intent data. Based on the demand, an active campaign is designed for the customers of that product which is in demand.
  • Perfect marketing mix with unique identify: We create a perfect marketing mix of the available channels, that not only creates awareness about your brand but also creates a unique identity of your brand.

Why should you opt for the top of funnel leads?

Draw a large number of customers to your website, at the top of the marketing funnel.

Better chance of converting customers into leads while they move down the funnel.

Promote better customer engagement, thus enhancing the prospect of leads.

Engage the customers with interactive and Value added content.


Create brand awareness and education with content marketing.

Generate more leads with top of the funnel marketing strategy.