Qualified Sales Opportunities

It needs to be understood that a huge number of visitors to a website, doesn’t necessarily correspond to increased sales. A potential customer or a visitor is a lead, however, the potential customers or leads get converted into an opportunity if they buy the offerings of the website. If not, then it just remains a wasted lead or a wasted opportunity. If it is happening to your business as well, and if you are worried about this, then engage with HMS today. HMS has certified marketing professionals who have industry-wide experience in lead qualification. Hence, no more wasted leads when you engage with HMS for lead qualification. We understand how delicate is the conversion of a prospective lead to a successful opportunity. That is why we take a step by step approach. That is why we perform the initial qualification of the lead, followed by prospecting. Once the lead becomes more mature, it is handed to our qualified sales team, who strives towards converting the lead into an opportunity. It has been observed, that customers often transact with those companies which response first. Our lead qualification team ensures faster response in lead qualification, which ensures to extract more from the potential buyers. We examine as well as analyze each of the leads with a mix of different methods, that includes online researches, data quality processing techniques and timely followups (both phone and email follow-ups).

Why should you engage HMS for qualifying sales opportunities?

  • PWe perform end to end lead management: Qualification > Sorting > Cleansing > Appending > Follow Ups.
  • Effective engagement of buyers through effective communication.
  • Qualification and prioritization of potential buyers.
  • Customized approach for each of the leads, based on buyer requirements.
  • Engaging and helping the inhouse sales team on highly qualified leads.
  • Improving the overall lead quality along with the closure rates.
  • Quick identification of hot leads for faster follow-ups.
  • Quick qualification through predetermined rules.

Why should you opt for sales opportunity qualification services?

Reduction of wasted leads.

Better conversion rate.

Reduced cost per opportunity with better ROI


Increased sales.