Lead Generation

An online marketing campaign largely survives on the good quality of qualified leads. In the field of digital marketing, lead generation is the first step towards your potential customers. A lead gets generated when a customer raised an inquiry or shows some interest in the offerings of the business. No leads mean no business. On the other hand, generate more leads get more opportunities for generating revenue. Each and every qualified lead is an opportunity for a business. At HMS, our lead generation services can simply fuel your sales. Our experts in HMS helps to grow your online business through different mechanisms that are best suitable for your business. This includes organic optimization of your websites and paid promotions. We help you to stay in business, by generating more leads, bringing in more potential customers. The leads are then qualified as potential sales opportunities and passed on to our in-house sales team. Our services include both, generation of target leads and the qualified leads for B2B & B2C customers.

How you are going to benefit from Lead generation services?

  • It helps you to determine the pricing on the basis of per lead.
  • It provides the organization with the flexibility to choose the geographical regions for expanding business as per their wish.
  • Increased Leads -> Increased Customers -> Increased Sales.
  • It provides the organization with the flexibility to choose a product as per their wish.
  • Implements complete control of the flow of leads to the business.
  • It facilitates better as well as effective customer engagement.

Why you should engage HMS as your lead generation partner?

Experience in both target and qualified leads generation services. Proper classification of hot and validated leads.

Rapid follow-ups with the prospects with quick turn around time with Sales Funnel improvement strategy.

Multiple mixes of methodologies to converting a prospective customer to a lead. This includes AI-Driven email campaigns, Re-engagement Advertising campaign and strategic consulting.


Implementation of the inbound approach for the generation of leads. This includes content marketing, paid search marketing and opted email marketing.

How you are going to benefit from Lead generation services?

  • Pre-Activated Leads: Leads to those customers who already have a pre-determined purchase intent.
  • Permissioned Audience: Lead of those customers who have consented or opted in to be contacted.
  • Interest & Intent: These are leads of those customers who have proactively downloaded the content of your business, without any expectation.