Other Email Services

Hawk Marketing Solutions data experts can build quality business-to-business and business-to-consumer databases to support our clients’ ever-changing sales and marketing needs. Hawk Marketing Solutions help you out with the right people at right time with our email’ This data includes company and executive email addresses that are collected through a multitude of sources. Each address is verified for deliverability and every IP address is examined for legitimacy.


Custom List Building

Our custom list building services have helped many of our customers through our researching and hand picking of contacts based on well-defined criteria. We find the business leads that matter to you. If you broadly know your target market but do not know the finite size of it or ever wondered how many companies are out there based on certain revenue range, employee size, industry classification, geography, or even based on certain type of technology used, then we can help.

Give us the business lead criteria and we will tell you what your potential marketing universe is. You will know how many companies that fit the description. We will tell you how many contacts are there within your potential marketing reach. We will give you a clear picture of the business leads and business opportunity with your target audience.

If you have a list of defined accounts you need to target and just want the contacts from those companies, then we can help. For our email list building services, you just need to give us the list of companies and the type of contacts you are looking for. We will do the rest.

Industry Wise Lists

This comprehensive email database contains contact information for high-level decision-makers and executives in thousands of companies. Our listings are checked and re-checked for accuracy, and you will find no duplicates or generic addresses. Every address is unique. We know that when you’re trying to expand your business, it’s important to make the right contacts the first time. We know that you need unique email addresses that are accurate, verified, and real. You won’t have to waste your valuable time on email addresses that have little value, because we’ve already done the quality checking for you.

As a business owner, you know that time is money, and you don’t want to waste valuable time trying to chase contacts that aren’t one hundred percent accurate. Every Origin Lists record is comprehensive, complete, and up-to-date, so you can be assured of reaching the right person the first time, every time.

Data Appending

Hawk Marketing Solutions helps you to execute your business efficiently, maintain and upgrade data. We help you in getting the most cost-effective, accurate, and updated marketing database to enhance your ability to connect to customers and grow your customer base.

We provide you business names, addresses and telephone data. We keep our database up-to-date and include high-quality and accurate information. This helps to converge on the right solutions for your email appending needs when we upgrade your database. We also provide deliverable email addresses to maintain privacy and we also simultaneously provide you with all your needs. Our email append service gives you better benefits out of customer communication and also respect the privacy of customers. Our clients have experienced a good success rate with our email append service.

Data Cleansing

Client uploads the data to be verified on our server. Verified data will be uploaded on the server and not shared via emails. Data is then cleansed and appended for missing entries. Test emails are sent to ensure authenticity. This data is then verified via telephone to check for validation. Clients are provided with a secure login to an ftp site to upload the data to be verified. This data is processed for cleansing to remove invalid and outdated data. The list is appended for missing data to be completed. Verified data is uploaded back on the site. Incorrect and obsolete data is removed from the database after double verification. The filtered data is then tele-verified to ensure validity of the data.

Email Verification

Email verification is done to avoid bad sender reputation and concerns of Email Deliveries when using new email address and new lists. The success of your email campaigns depends on the quality of the mails. Its obvious that email verification is one of the cornerstones of the marketing campaigns. This is a process through which the validity is checked. We verify every number via the telephonic conversations as it could be one of the prospective clients. Through our extensive verification through the phone process, we help you to have a clean and updated database. We fix them through a robust verification process.