Email Lists

We at Hawk Marketing Solutions help you to expand the scope of your market and business and generate optimum quality leads for your organizational growth. Hawk Marketing Solutions enables you to go into the corporate world through business and consumer mailing lists. We identify and give you only the leads which is apt for the nature of your business to help you increase presence and enhance business alliance.
One of the most important highly effective, quick and easy access tools in the present day business which connects you to prospective business partners, clients, consumers and other stakeholders is email. We provide you with an extensive data base of business mailing lists that helps you to reach out to the right customers.


Technology List

We provide new opportunities to enable two-information flows between industries and consumers world-wide. The near-universal reach of communications combined with interactive-mapping and social media empowers consumers to communicate directly with industries and service providers, and this in turn facilitates business insights that can help industries stay ahead of the competition. We have observed the industries and markets and compiled an extensive list of the state-of-the-art technologies available and the consumers who are availing these innovations, thus encouraging you too, to be a part of these new-age knowledge revolution and propel your business ahead.

Generic Lists

Hawk Marketing Solutions hand pick contacts based on well-defined criteria. We find the business leads according to your requirement.
Based on your business lead criteria we will lead you to the path where your potential marketing is. We help you know how many companies fit into your description. HMS will provide you the list of all the business leads and business opportunity with your target audience.

As we know you’re trying to expand your business, it’s important to make the right contacts the first time, we dedicate our time to be a part of your progress. We know that you need unique email addresses that are accurate, verified, and real. You won’t have to waste your valuable time on email addresses that have little value, because we’ve already done the quality checking for you.

Country Wise Lists

The present scenario of business can’t just be limited to your region as there will be no scope for expansion and increase in revenue.You can’t confine yourself to one particular boundary. When you accept this fact,you need to partner with HMS for you to get connected globally and have strategically placed data partners.

We are data providers to help you acquire country wise email lists that cover all criteria with accurate data.

Our country wise email lists are built in and segmented based on the demographic data of prospective clients.We assure you of authentic data from trusted sources to keep it redundant free and up to date.You need to understand that database is a great boost for your marketing irrespective whether you are a small,medium or large scale business type.With our well defined data base helps you connect with your prospects via email,telephone and direct mails.HMS ensures to give you reliable data that is free from redundancies, and that can be customized and available in a pre built format allowing you to choose it based on your business requirements.HMS serves our clients with a vision to serve clients worldwide. Eliminating the regional constraints,we have spread our network across Europe, Australia, Canada, and the USA.

Industry Wise Lists

Hawks MS provides you with segmented company data to solve all your data issues. Hawks MS enables your business to leverage data for productivity, efficiency and your business growth. We provide you the data which is the simplest and fastest means to reach your targets. HMS plays the key role to your marketing endeavors. Partner with HMS and we help you to concentrate on your business to produce effective results. Our data helps you in expansion of your business. Regardless of your industry, our data helps you to divide your market into different categories. We help you target each category separately/specifically and offer them your product as a solution to their requirement. We create and plan your marketing to ensure better customer retention.

Healthcare Lists

Hawks Marketing Solutions offers you innovative Solutions for engaging healthcare providers. We help you drive your sales and marketing performance with high quality healthcare lists. Our list/data benefits your health care industry’s newest, best of breed provider reference data solution combining the greatest and latest data and capabilities from Hawks Marketing Solutions. Partnering with Hawks Marketing Solutions leads companies in various markets and help to stay compliant, reach high potential targets and increase revenue. Hawks Marketing Solutions helps you find free market insights and white papers that industry leaders rely on for the latest healthcare marketing and compliance news. Our integrated healthcare solutions fit the needs and budgets of pharmacies, big and small, specific client services, technical and product development terms. In addition, HMS maintain routine telephone verification updates and quality assurance monitoring.

Pre-Packaged Lists

Hawk Marketing Solutions provide Prepackaged lists which are compiled, created and updated frequently. Hawks Marketing Solutions have created very comprehensive and cost effective, affordable lists. We help you to concentrate on your business by providing you all the required data/list which can be used by you to convert it to your prospects. Our lists are updated on regular basis which connects you to the right customer which gives you effective results. HMS Pre-packaged lists are created to connect you to the specific customers you are looking for; our Pre-packaged lists are compiled and targeted to connect you to the niche market. We have the top selling Pre-packaged lists of the market.