Data Management Services

Let us control all your data management worries

Thanks to the HBN Data Management Services capabilities. We enrich your data to yield competitive advantages in business operations.

One of the most daunting challenges faced by the businesses today is data entry and data management. Over the period of time due to growing data portfolio, the complexity of cluttered data and regulatory requirements of organizations, data has lost its integrity leading to disconnected and rehashed insights. Organizing the data and maintaining data consistency has become all the more critical for business success necessitated a holistic data governance to address varying complexities effectively.

To control the daily volumes of data that might otherwise lead to colossal errors, our data management answers bring in an unmatched range of data management services to process millions of individual records that ensures data-driven insights to drive agility in business operations in faster turnaround time.

Outsource your data to us!
Let us control all your data management worries for informed decisioning while you save 60% of overhead costs.

Our data governance framework to achieve business agility
Whether operations, customer data or sales data, your strategic data being the core asset, if not efficiently analyzed, processed or transformed, can lead to serious inconsistencies in informed decision making.

Our flexible management tools not only securely manages your business information but also transforms it into value driven business decisions to gain optimum efficiency and productivity. Apart from unlocking the value of data to gain visibility in order to manage and monitor the big volume of data, we also specialize in offering one-on-one personalized Data Processing solutions and services to clients to enable them move up the economic value chain. Through our offerings, we help organizations not only manage their data flow but also provide constant support throughout the entire data processing lifecycle right from initial data storage, quality monitoring, maintenance, archival to its retirement that ensures data integrity and privacy all throughout.

To address the data challenges, our integrated data management services include:

  • Data Entry
  • Data Conversions
  • Data Analytics
  • EPub Services
  • Property Management
  • Data Processing
  • Online Catalogue Service
  • OCR Service
  • Indexing Services
  • Data Mining

While there are many like us in the market to handle complex data-processing when you step out to choose your data processing partner, let us demystify that for you.

Ultra responsive

HMS houses a team of epub converters who are highly professional in adapting to new update and developing ePub projects with updated technology ensuring the most accurate ePub conversions.

2000+ Projects

With more than a decade years of experience, we have delivered a wide variety of epub conversion projects for clients that include libraries, corporations, tech-enterprises, doctors, publishers, schools, colleges, and universities.

High Volume

We are capable of handling a large volume of project converted into any preferred file formats of the client (MS Word, InDesign, HTML, PDF, RTF, Quark, and more) without compromising on quality.

Fast turnaround

Our epub services empower the digitization of printed materials by converting them into multiple eBook formats with fast turnaround time. Accurate cost-benefit ePub conversion solution for expert conversions in any kind of input filles.

Secured files

Our epub conversions are in strict compliance of all advanced data security rights and copyrights. We use FTP and VPN servers for data confidentiality and also maintain back up files to prevent data loss.

Data Entry Services

You are assured of the highest quality of data entry

You are also empowered with informed decisions with 98% data accuracy

Managing, classifying and digitizing tons or millions of large volume data by entering manually is overwhelming. Business data is one of the valuable assets to the Company that needs to be logically, timely and accurately processed through inputting methods. But investing time, efforts and money for infrastructure and technology to process large volume in-house data is a daunting task.

Why indulge in time consuming data entry and data management hassles when you can take advantage of our cost-effective solution easily?

Hawks Business Needs based in India offers a wide array of data entry, processing and data conversion services that live up to the global standards in terms of accuracy and quality.

Our skilled team of data entry professional with proven track record of more than 10 years of Data Entry Offline Data processing are highly experienced to input the necessary data critical for your business success. Once you choose us to outsource data entry projects to us, our cohesive data management solutions perform routine data entry tasks and gets you 99% accurate high-end data entry services that are tailor made to suit your business needs. So rest assured, with guaranteed accuracy levels, you can focus on your core business and critical business goals while freeing up your time and resources.

Outsource Data Entry Services to us

At HBN, we offer the best quality data entry services and data management solutions at the most competitive pricing. The Data Entry Services that we offer include:

  • Online data entry offline data entry
  • Data Cleansing
  • Directory Services
  • Form Processing
  • Data Conversion
  •  Data Extraction Services
  • Image Data Entry
  • Indexing Services
  • ERP Data Entry
  • Offline Data Entry
  • Survey Data Entry
  • Insurance Data Entry
  • E-Book Data Entry
  • CRM Data Entry
  • SKU Data Entry  

Data Conversions

Let us convert your countless amount of data

With changing technology, data conversion techniques to perform complex data conversion has become indispensable to gain a competitive edge and orchestrate data-driven business processes. Data when gathered in multiple formats becomes inaccessible and loses its value. To solve this data discrepancy in data type, document, text and format, Hawks Business Needs offers a wide range data conversion services that help you to convert data from one format to another with 100% accuracy and least turnaround time.

At HBN, our data conversion services and data entry services help organizations to meet document conversion objectives in a cost-effective manner without compromising on quality and integrity, in terms of style and content. The final converted files that we offer are from various formats across various databases on different platforms through custom-made software packages to deliver customized word formatting services to suit specific requirements of modern businesses.

If you have data conversion projects you choose to outsource to India, consider our extensive range of data conversion services that include:

Word formatting services

As word formatting service provider, you get the editable version of output files that are best customized to fit your style while you save 60% of operational cost. Whether business documents, resumes, manuals, corporate brochure etc., our state-of-art techniques can turn your documents into ready-to-market that can attract more business and profits.

Printed data conversions

HBN is a pioneer in providing professional and uniform looking printed data conversion services to clients from diverse industries. By employing world class scanning techniques, our experts take full care to ensure that data is accurately entered while converting into informative digital data format without errors or data losses.

HTML conversion services

We are the experts with sound HTML knowledge who can turn your basic files- Word, PowerPoint and more into ready-to-use HTML files. Whether its xml conversion services or html conversion services, we can convert to and from all types of files including image, XML,flash file, RTF and a wide variety of database types to HTML.

Data Analytics

Designed to efficiently leverage data analytics to discover customer insights

Business data, if not optimized to aid effective operations and achieve a competitive advantage results in failed operational decisions and business losses. Having a result-driven data analytics strategy to derive meaningful insights from data is a critical component of any organization. This is where the Hawks Marketing Solution brings the power of business analytics to the table to extract actionable information, trends and exact patterns and converting them to actionable insights from large volumes of data sets that contribute to business growth. Our Data Analytic services have helped numerous clients in making insightful business decisions and augment business equity.

Outsource Data Analytics to HMS

HMS adopts a comprehensive kit for data processing solutions that are bespoke for data analytics and data administration to convert customers’ data into actionable insights for business. Our data analytics professionals, with more than 10 years of industry experience in designing, consulting and implementing business intelligence solutions across numerous industries.

By leveraging the latest analytics tools, our skilled data analytics professionals conduct data entry, data administration, data analysis, data processing, data mining and data conversion to extract significant business insights that contribute to fact-based business decision making.

We offer industry-specific data analytics services by developing predictive models to optimize business decisions. Our highly skilled data analytics team include dedicated professionals with expertise in qualitative and statistical data analysis to provide custom-fit data analytics solutions to meet clients’ objectives while saving 60% of the overhead cost of data processing.

EPub Conversion Services

Stay ahead with the times!

Avail ready to be read, accurate and fast ePub conversions effortlessly

Epub is one of the globally accepted industry standard formats of today for ebook publishing set by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). To suit an unlimited range of client specification, we provide a comprehensive range of epub conversion services to convert any source format such as MS Word, InDesign, HTML, PDF, RTF, Quark, and more into digital books to facilitate future reading capability in any device with a compatible ebook application.

Why outsource epub services to us

Ultra responsive

HMS houses a team of epub converters who are highly professional in adapting to new update and developing ePub projects with updated technology ensuring the most accurate ePub conversions.

2000+ Projects

With more than a decade years of experience, we have delivered a wide variety of epub conversion projects for clients that include libraries, corporations, tech-enterprises, doctors, publishers, schools, colleges, and universities.

High Volume

We are capable of handling a large volume of project converted into any preferred file formats of the client (MS Word, InDesign, HTML, PDF, RTF, Quark, and more) without compromising on quality.

Fast turnaround

Our epub services empower the digitization of printed materials by converting them into multiple eBook formats with fast turnaround time. Accurate cost-benefit ePub conversion solution for expert conversions in any kind of input filles.

Secured files

Our epub conversions are in strict compliance of all advanced data security rights and copyrights. We use FTP and VPN servers for data confidentiality and also maintain back up files to prevent data loss.

What we create

  • Scanned copies
  • Printed copies/Hard copies
  • PDF
  • Manuscript
  • PageMaker Image
  • MS Word
  • InDesign & Quark
  • Text and more.

Property Management Services

Buying, Selling, Renting, Leasing or Protecting your investment?

Let us take over all your stress with back office property management tasks

Save time, effort and 60% of expenditure with cost-effective solutions

If you choose to outsource to India any kind of property ownership, experience and trust matters. Back office services such as invoices, bills, maintenance, support, legalities, vendor management etc. multiplied by the number of properties you manage, seriously calls for time, effort and manpower.

Why take the hassles when we can easily balance your cost, minimize rental losses, while optimizing speed and accuracy of all repetitive and back office processes?

HMS, stands strong with more than 10 years of Property Management services and exceeding client satisfaction and experience. We are a property management back office services company that is specialized in the core set of management skills for smooth day-to-day operations of all end-to-end back end processes. Whether managing current or prospective tenant, or delivering tenant satisfaction, our Property management experts are highly experienced professionals to play hands-on tenant management role.

Behind-the-scenes tasks, our core functions support:

  • Streamlining back office services to limit time and resources
  • To increase potential property value and cash flow
  • To maximize revenue growth and minimize cost
  • To deliver hassle-free property management experience
  • To ensure property protection whenever necessary

Outsource Property Management to HMS

Are you a tenant, resident or owner?

We understand that your property is a valuable investment and we know how to make the most out of it.

Our professional property management experts take care of all your back-end processing needs as they are equipped with efficient systems and benchmarked delivery frameworks. We provide cost-effective operations that ensure operational excellence in terms of higher level of performance, efficiency and productivity and of course, improved controls and management.

Whether single or multi-family buildings, single and multi-tenant office buildings, retail complexes or homeowners’ association, our comprehensive range of property management solutions are fully customized to suit your individual property management needs, regardless of just key tasks or every phase of project operation.

What you get is more than one quality and efficient property Manager.


Try our hassle-free approach to derive these benefits:

  • Automated rent payment that guarantees payout
  • Employs verified insured vendors for maintenance tasks with no markup
  • Online income management with an automated dashboard that records charges, income, and eviction coverage
  • Transparent, clearly defined processes and workflows (background verification, tenant documentation, timely rentals, repairs and renewals)
  • Increasing property value with timely renovation or remodeling the house
  • Resolve disputes, if any
  • Offer exclusive property management deals

Data Processing

Get access to accurate data for unlocking actionable insights

Is your data volumes delivering enough value?

With the technology upgrade and enterprise growth, processing large amounts of data has become the need of the hour to stay relevant with increased organizational productivity, faster and better decision making. To gain insights and processing overheads while diminishing data errors, many fintech companies today choose to outsource to India large volumes of data processing projects of complex statistical analyses.

To ensure that you don’t lag behind the competition, let us help you get more out of your data through our Data Processing Services. We not only help you fine-tune the data with our efficient data processing methods, but also save time and reduce operational and management costs significantly, while you can concentrate on other profitable aspects of the business.

Outsource Data Processing Services to us

Our comprehensive suite of Data Processing solutions includes:

  • Data entry
  • Data Indexing
  • Data conversion
  • Data Analysis
  • Image scanning
  • Forms processing
  • Data deduplication
  • Transaction processing
  • Check processing

Online Catalog Service

Maximize your product sales with high-quality online catalogue services\

Set-up | Update | Maintenance

88% of online shoppers today consider product catalog to make informed decisions. The catalog is an effective sales and marketing tool to boost your online sales manifold.

Whether a start-up or an established eCommerce store, updating your eStore with current product data is crucial to make time-to-time modifications about product offerings to ensure your apt presence in the online marketplace. But dealing with such humongous amount of data is not only a complex and time consuming, but also a tedious task that can deviate you from focussing on the key business activities.

To win over these challenges, HBN’s online catalogue services is a one-stop solution for all types of user-friendly Catalog updating services that include appealing tags, descriptions and updates that can make your store stand out from the crowd. Our innovative product categorization and Catalog updating services include an array of store update and maintenance that ranges right from creation, conversion, periodically updating, optimizing and maintaining on a regular basis, regardless of dimension, kind or any complexity.

Outsource Data Processing Services to us

Our experienced team of catalog management experts help you with building fast, accurate and detailed catalog by digitizing your catalog, updating product data and delivering high-quality digital catalogs within a quick turnaround time. If you have a specific catalog updating requirement, our eCommerce data experts have customized solution to deliver what you expect without compromising on quality standards and data security.

When you choose to outsource online catalog conversion with us, we help you in this endeavour with:

  • Effective catalog updates such as product titles, brand name
  • Product feature update and manufacturer name
  • Product categories, sub-categories and pricing updation
  • Product availability status update
  • Modification of product description
  • Editing and replacing product images
  • Shipping data and tax rates information update

All-in-one eCommerce Catalog Management Services

Catalogue building  & indexing

 HBN provides conversion of the catalog into search engine friendly categories, built along with catalog indexing and catalog building.

Catalog updating services

We update product detail pages with current data that include product titles, features, attributes, description, brand name.

Catalog conversion services

By rendering eCommerce catalog conversion services, we process physical catalog products into digital catalog fit to make it SEO-friendly, and look more appealing.

Content Management

Our catalog copywriters handles it all right from listing out, attribution, giving accurate and fresh description of products, integrating appealing images and video content, etc.

Catalog processing

We deliver efficient ecommerce catalog processing services to help you efficiently manage online catalogs.

Data Mining Services

We unfold new opportunities with our diversified solutions

Choosing the right data mining partner is the fundamental aspect of your business success. Considering the growing complexity of business models, it is imperative to discover predictive information that helps in better business decision making. This can be extracted only by digging through data, analyzing large scale data and identifying sources, data, patterns and trends to infer the meaning of data. This is what places us as a top-of-the-line providers of Data Mining Services to clients.

Whether you are from finance, retail, health care, transportation, manufacturing, or aerospace, unveiling the unknown customer data and unlocking new opportunities necessitate going beyond the simple query or other processing techniques for data conversion. When you outsource Data Mining Project to us, you get access to a robust and comprehensive data mining techniques and specialized systems and software to draw smart conclusions to make more-informed and profitable business decisions.

Save time, cost and improve productivity with our quality data

The continuous process of extensive data research and analytics skills is not only cost-intensive and labor intensive affair but also time consuming. We can help you cut down on both cost and valuable time while you enjoy optimum compatibility with our premium customer service. Our highly qualified and experienced data analysts are well equipped with latest techniques and standard practices such as classification, clustering, pattern recognition, regression and other data mining methodologies to extract the desired volume of data from various secondary sources that are to be used by the analytics team. Our dedicated Project Managers help you obtain critical information and strengthen your decision making and gain a competitive edge over rivals. Our cost-effective data mining services have helped numerous enterprises achieve their business targets and lessen operational expenses.

What set us apart from our competitors is our proven track record in delivering high-quality results that help generate actionable insights.

Try our customized services for your outsourcing project to derive these benefits:

  • 60% savings on operational costs
  • Data mining reports in multiple desirable delivery formats (PDF, Excel, PowerPoint presentation, XML, etc.)
  • Complete data security with VPN and FTP servers for data files sharing
  • No compromise on quality
  • Quick turnaround time that ensures project completion within less than 24 hours
  • Stringent quality controls to deliver accurate, high-quality and error-free files.

What we deliver

  • Web Data Mining
  • Social Media Data Mining
  • Image Data Mining
  • SQL Data Mining
  • PDF Data Mining
  • Excel Data Mining
  • Word Data Mining
  • Open Source Data Mining
  • Image Data Mining

OCR Clean up services

Bring your paper records to life with 99% accurate OCR Services

Got PDF files, scanned paper documents, images or printed documents to be converted into retrievable and text-searchable electronic file formats? Why spend hours retyping and correcting misprints?

We have the solution to help you go digitally paperless.

HBN is a pioneer in offering 99% accurate Optical Character Recognition services to diverse business segments to help them convert and utilize OCR scanning documents or images into digital data. Also known as Intelligence Character Recognition, we use state-of-art technology to help boost productivity by converting all the required materials into digital format in just several minutes.

Comprehensive OCR Service solutions
Many organizations that face critical document management challenges waste a significant amount of time in correcting bulk volume of data conversion.

Thanks to the most advanced ABBYY FineReader OCR technology that we employ. Our comprehensive OCR service solutions include:

OCR Clean up services
Whether data capture for legal, medical charts or blueprint architectural projects, to increase accuracy, we employ advanced OCR Cleanup services to cut down on data entry by digitally reproducing hard copies into editable new documents/formats while enabling search for important keywords. With a guaranteed accuracy rate of 99%, we do a full clean up by controlling the data quality that ensures minimized errors while increasing readability and multiple electronic format conversions.

OCR Data entry software
We employ advanced OCR data entry software for automated data entry that converts images of texts into machine-editable text. No matter the complexity, our professional scan technology not only allows documents to be further edited, but also changes and entries can be made by typing in any updated information.

Our full-text Character Recognition OCR can empower you with:

  • Freeing up storage space
  • Improving image quality
  • Tracking, organizing, formatting and searching for specific words
  • Easily storing data and sharing with others
  • Scanning documents of any size or format
  • Editable and searchable formats

Indexing Services

Let’s make your business data as compatible as possible

Looking for Data Indexing Services partner to outsource to India?

Whether you are a start-up or an established business, the humongous cluttered and unsorted data generated day-in and day-out in the form of receipts, legal case files, faxes, newsletters, journals, catalog databases, records, emails, and more are a vital asset that needs to be stored for later retrieval. For a company to archive it all begins with a myriad of responsibilities such as hardware and software purchase, installation, assigning and training staff and the resultant on-going overhead costs.

Why take the hassle of profile text indexing when we can relieve you from the critical task of coding with Data Indexing process?

Let HBN shoulder this non-core responsibility while letting you free to concentrate on other main areas of business.

Our robust Data Indexing Services

Eliminate the hassle of indexing your documents and expedite the process of organizing business records.

When you choose Indexing services outsource for your project, a reliable outsourcing company for performing all the archiving and text indexing tasks definitely gains an upper hand.

HBN stands strong as the most reliable, fast and accurate archiving and data indexing service providers that are fully customized to meet your budget and requirement. For nearly a decade, we have been delivering easy-to-use archive through document indexing services, thereby, creating comprehensive databases to help diverse industries thrive.

Our best-in-class text indexing services features high accuracy rate, time bound deliverables and data privacy to create archives of all your business information. Our experienced and talented data experts can efficiently organize these business records to code, digitize documents and images for archiving, accessing, retrieving information and retention.

By employing high-end-infrastructure that includes advanced OCR, ICR, OMR, CD mastering and data backup duplication and other data extraction technologies we offer multiple options to make data readily accessible through search and cross reference while creating complete databases to efficiently organize the business records.

Our scope of data indexing and archiving services include:

Full Profile Text Indexing Services
By employing full profile text indexing, we perform full-text searching that examines all of the words and pass it to search feature for indexing the company or the products to make them accessible in the local database or digital databases.

Data Backup Duplication Services
Our exhaustive and robust data backup duplication services include advanced software to perform a thorough checking, eliminate redundant elements and duplicate your critical data for the purpose of preventing it against any loss, damage or corruption.

Document conversion
We employ the latest technology and tools for PDF Generation and Conversion into digital documents.