Call Center Services

Hawks Marketing Solutions helps you to increase operational efficiencies, reduce operational costs, and lead to an increase in overall sales and profitability. In an era, where customers are having a lot of choices just by a call or SMS, a good customer relationship program is an effective tool for your business to retain and attract new customers.

Partnering with Hawks Marketing Solutions provides you with ready-to-use call center infrastructure without any capital spending any capital on setting up their own physical infrastructure. We also give you access to skilled resources without incurring costs on hiring and training of resources. Plus, third party call centers possess experience of managing clients across industries. Our deep domain expertise helps you identify process inefficiencies and re-engineer your business operations according to latest market requirements.


Inbound & Outbound Call Center

An effective inbound and outbound sales strategy, handled by an amazing team can help you turn these challenges to successful returns. Based on our experience, we execute them with quality and care to help your brand get past these challenges with ease.

According to your requirements, we pick perfect fit talents, and empower them with the right set of tools to deliver the right message to your customers. We have been consistently meeting industry standard service levels and helping organizations improve their reach and appeal.

Email and Chat Support

Email marketing has become the quickest and cheapest tool for marketing. But we need to realize email marketing offers sophisticated opportunities to target messages to the right people at the right time and bring in serious business. Response rates for bulk emails are higher than for direct mailings. We at Hawks Marketing Solutions are here to do it for you and you can find the response and change in your business and incoming revenue.

Hawk Marketing Solutions provides you with live chat support to help you capture visitor drop outs from your website. We understand what it takes to design the kind of online chat support that would help you improve customer engagement and boost sales. Our experienced chat support staff first understand your requirements and then think about questions from the visitors’ perspective. This helps us to prompt questions and prepare ourselves to effectively increase up-selling opportunities for our clients.

Tech Support

Hawks Marketing Solutions are well equipped with the latest software and also experienced team as we are now in a world where everything will be connected, impacting every business within the next few years.Technology plays an active role and is always efficient in building extreme solutions to fulfill the customer requirements. Hawk Marketing Solutions will integrate into your business process and empower your business to deliver best services.

Hawk Marketing Solutions are equipped with advanced systems, devices and services which provide you the best ways to deal with this technology to help you take smarter decisions, enable latest services, open a new road to markets and reduce costs. Hawks Marketing Solutions helps to reinvent your business processes quickly and the way you work to gain efficiencies.

Customer Support

With Hawks Marketing Solutions’ enterprising engineers and industry expertise, we provide you a list of today’s leading companies which enables you to efficiently develop sustainable and innovative solutions for new business models. We have extensive expertise in fulfilling our customer’s business needs which caters to all levels, without losing the control of privacy and security which includes:

  • Faster application development process
  • Flexible and affordable pricing model
  • Accelerated Time to Market
  • Anticipate market trends and create customer experience
  • Experiment and Refine Your Strategy

CCTV Monitoring

Hawk Marketing solutions are here to meet the unique needs of your place. We deliver real cost and operational benefits on an enterprise wide scale. Hawk Marketing Solutions help you to centralize the management of your security systems and seamlessly integrate both onsite and offsite requirement. We provide services with state-of-the-art video and two-way audio technology, in complete conformation with international standards, and so can guarantee robust, comprehensive and fool-proof surveillance.