Account Based Marketing

If you are looking for B2B marketing, by completely utilizing the potential of some selected accounts, then account-based marketing is the best option. However, in order to implement ABM as an effective strategy, you should have the right set or list of accounts. Accounts might look like a great fit for your business which might not be ultimate. This is where most of ABM strategies. Hence, getting the right list of accounts is a definite requirement for ABM. HMS ensures the right set of accounts for your business by using behavioral data to identify accounts that fit your ideal customer profile and are actually in-market for your solutions. This helps to prioritize the target account list, and effectively engage every account at once. This guarantees the best result from your ABM campaign.

How HMS can drive your Account-Based Marketing?

  • Prioritizing the target account list.
  • Actively engage the target accounts at once through a well-coordinated approach.
  • Discover and uncover the contacts of the buying team for better and faster engagement of the accounts.
  • Measure the success of the ABM campaign through interactive dashboards.

Why you should opt for Account-Based Marketing?

Engage the attention of a set of accounts instead of a single one, by creating collaterals.

Grouping accounts together can eliminate the consequences of competition to a larger extent.

Phenomenally, the highest strike rate amongst the other digital marketing processes (Around 90 percent)

Increased revenue with a centralized and targeted approach


Lower cost with higher returns on investment